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Electricity and Maintenance Bill CRM

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Electricity and Maintenance Bill CRM

The benefits of CRM

CRM is like the backbone of the company. Whether you are based in Pakistan or anywhere, CRMs enable businesses around the world to improve customer relationships, In-house processes of the company, increase your communication and get more lead conversion rates by as much as 300%.  This latter figure is one that you cannot ignore the importance of CRM in any Business.  No matter how well your business is doing at the moment, with the right CRM in place, it can do even better.


The company asked me that they need a system to generate and collect bills for their customers from all projects from this software and save records in the database and also they can access it from anywhere and any device anytime.


  1. Company Has Multiple Projects so projects can add and edit on it.
  2. Each project has it, own customer. so each customer must have a relation to his project.
  3. Each Employee of the company can access this system with his own rights.
  4. A team member can generate a bill of customers with Due date and arrears if have.
  5. The system itself calculate customer bill by just entering current units of electricity.
  6. A team member can print or send By Email the invoice generated by the system whenever he wants.
  7. A team member can take payment by the system and the system will change the status of the bill to the paid bill after depositing payment.
  8. Company Needs Reports from all dimensions like total bill collection within two dates, total generated bills with dates, the total amount in the company by depositing bills, etc.
  9. History of Every action in the software.

After Seeing the requirements I decided to make a Web Application by using Codeigniter Framework to save time and work more in a secure environment.

Languages and Framework

  1. HTML
  2. Bootstrap (CSS)
  3. Codeigniter (PHP)
  4. Ajax (Jquery)
  5. MySQL
  6. Linux (Server)
Malik Ubaid

Malik Ubaid